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At Luxe Guides we do things differently. We learn about our guests and itineraries are written from the ground up, individually handcrafted every time.

A unique creative process is the core of our bespoke travel experiences.

We find it is best to connect either by phone or email. This is where we discover what your ideal tour of New Zealand would be - what it is that you really want. We then put our expertise into action and create a first edition of your exclusive itinerary. Should you choose to proceed, the process that follows is to refine the itinerary until all of your wishes are satisfied and all of the components are in place. This may take several edits and editions before it is perfect, but perfect it will be! Once you are here in New Zealand, we are here, and we are always contactable. We support our guests during their entire stay. If there are any amendments or adjustments required we are only a phone call away.
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Are you staying for a long while or just a fleeting moment? Are you here to see and do as much as you can or here to relax and take it slowly?

There is an itinerary that is perfect for you. A short stay may involve only one or two destinations, a longer stay could incorporate the whole country. Many of our guests also visit with a specific activity or event in mind. 

We are able to match you up with the perfect place at the perfect time to do whatever it is that will create your own lasting memories.


Tucked into the snowy mountains of the Southern Alps and nestled on the shore of stunning Lake Wakatipu, the natural beauty here is about as famous as the jaw-dropping number of things you’ll find on your to do list.

Queenstown is one of the main entry points to the South Island, having a small but busy international airport. Flights from all over the world via transit points in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney arrive in Queenstown daily making it a wonderfully easy place to start a journey throughout New Zealand or touch down for a quick visit and a breath of fresh air.

Luxe Guides headquarters is based in Queenstown. As it is our home, we know the lay of the land here very well.

South Island

Named “Te Waipounamu” or “Place of Greenstone” by the Maori when they arrived hundreds of years ago, the South Island is the largest of the three main islands of New Zealand. Less populated than its brother to the North, the South Island is made up of forested national parks and mountain ranges, glaciers, patch-worked farmlands and vineyards, rugged coastlines, sandy sheltered beaches and bays… Not to mention a UNESCO World Heritage Listed National Park (Fiordland/Milford Sound) and one of the world’s few dark sky reserves.

Both Queenstown and Christchurch serve as international gateways to the South Island and the town of Picton is the terminal for the North Island ferry - from wherever it is that you join us, an itinerary can be easily created.

The North Island

This island is a little like a time machine. One moment you are in a bustling, urban and modern city with world class cuisine, arts, sporting events and shows. The next you could be climbing a live volcano or wandering through an ancient Kauri forest feeling as though you’ve stepped back to Cretaceous times.

The North Island is also a fantastic place to witness our cultural history, places to visit where you can learn about the young but action-packed human years of New Zealand’s past.

Auckland, towards the north of the island is our largest city and has the main international airport. Wellington, located at the very south of the Island is our national capital and the terminal point for the South Island ferry.

New Zealand Wide

From a subtropical pacific island paradise in the north to the awe-inspiring alpine beauty of the south, New Zealand has so much to offer anyone who visits.

To see the whole country in detail you’ll need time. We’d recommend a minimum of three weeks. If you’d prefer to catch just some of the highlights the amount of time you spend is up to you. By talking to us at Luxe Guides we’ll be able to refine your itinerary to include all of what you want and none of what you don't.

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